From the time India attained freedom, all through our decades of industrialisation and globalisation, right up till now, India has always been termed an agricultural economy. Around 50 per cent of our population still directly depends on the agri sector. TulipLab aims to touch the lives of these people, as well as the general population, through their commitment to blend agri and tech. 

Agritech is TulipLab’s attempt to reverse India’s carbon footprint – both in farming and pharma. The significant usage of chemicals in our crops leads to adulterated food, causing higher incidents of disease.

TulipLab attempts to guide farmers back towards organic or traditional natural practices, while simultaneously making these profitable for all involved. This has a direct impact on reducing our carbon footprint.

With support from experts in the field of Agritech, TulipLab helps farmers with:

• Insurance covers
• Selection of crop, based on soil test
• High quality, natural seeds
• Appropriate bio-fertilizers such as neem cakes
• Appropriate bio-pesticides such as neem oils
• Weather predictions
• Acquiring correct machinery
• Crop management techniques
• Seeking and procuring government initiatives
• Supply chain management  

Agritech is a rapidly transforming area with continual growth. We use our research and technology to understand superior quality produce requirements. Then, we utilise our access to farmer networks to grow and source the best quality produce. This leads to absolute traceability as well as allows us end-to-end process monitoring to supply our pharmaceutical needs with superior quality. This technology-driven farming gives us the advantage of quality control as well as quality assurance for our nutraceutical as well as pharmaceutical products.