Bringing your product into the regulatory spotlight of your own accord, speaks trust. During product launch, it is often considered advisable to declare a formal petition with the government. Doing so is an instant validation of the standard, quality and efficacy of your product

In the US market, a Citizen Petition is often raised with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The petition could either request action or request restraint from taking action.

Bringing your product under regulatory focus, works for strategic marketing as it directly increases consumer confidence, and subsequently, increases profitability.

But, submitting a citizen petition is a complex task. However, TulipLab’s team of expertize works at providing the best personalized solution to meet the regulatory needs of your country as well as international mandates.

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Led by a former FDA Regulator, TulipLab's veteran regulatory experts provide crucial insights into regulatory operations, leading to the most effective pathway from product to market. Backed by a vast network of scientific, legal and regulatory professionals, you’ll receive dedicated support throughout each step of the process.