Nutraceuticals and drugs that use food ingredients demand extra layers of safety. International FDA norms lay stringent blanket protocols plus, country-specific rules apply too. An increasingly keen client awareness and ease of research availability means companies need to work with added caution. 

FDA mandates GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) conclusions for food products or even chemicals added to them . These conclusions are reached based on expert scientific reviews.

 TulipLab drafts GRAS conclusions as well as carries through the whole process of getting approvals . Tulip’s regulatory experts create detailed, made-to-order packages to help clients substantiate all their GRAS registration demands. In order to fulfil TulipLab’s mission of Care Beyond Boundaries that promises safe and high-efficacy products, we undertake the following: 


Led by a former FDA Regulator, TulipLab's veteran regulatory experts provide crucial insights into regulatory operations, leading to the most effective pathway from product to market. Backed by a vast network of scientific, legal and regulatory professionals, you’ll receive dedicated support throughout each step of the process.