Herb Powder

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Tulsi Powder

Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) is a brown colored powder extract with a characteristic odor. Made from the leaves and seeds of the Ocimum Sanctum plant, it is primarily used as a herbal remedy. This product can be used as an anti- viral, anti-diabetic and for stress management

Aloevera Powder

Aloe Vera Spray Dried Powder is a white to light fine powder. This product is extracted from leaves of the Aloe barbadensis plant and further concentrated with low temperature evaporation. Aloe Vera Spray Dried Powder can be used in many culinary applications including dietetic products, fruit juice, and sports drinks and ayurvedic medicines.

Amla Powder

We are engaged in processing and supplying a superlative range of Spray Dried Amla Powder. These are processed using handpickedamla. We strictly maintain the hygiene level to process our products and ensure high quality and maximum effectiveness. Our products are available in safe and air tight packaging which protects these from microorganisms and extra impurities.