No matter how much care and clinical testing goes into each ingredient and product, pharmaceutical complaints arise. Following up on serious adverse events that are reported to federal health agencies is crucial. Plus, following-up on patients that use your medications is mandatory.

However, this is a loaded investment requiring dedicated teams. Often it becomes a burdensome requirement for start-ups. TulipLab helps to share the load. We at TulipLab manage your direct consumer complaint needs.

TulipLab’s already established Media and Communications Center (really??) in Mumbai, India, is manned by a dedicated team of communication experts. Our service center representatives are qualified to assess whether each product complaint is serious or not. After assessing the severity of the complaints, they will facilitate each call with qualified healthcare practitioners.

Our center for communications is a one-stop for all your consumer complaint requirements.


Led by a former FDA Regulator, TulipLab's veteran regulatory experts provide crucial insights into regulatory operations, leading to the most effective pathway from product to market. Backed by a vast network of scientific, legal and regulatory professionals, you’ll receive dedicated support throughout each step of the process.