Tech Transfer

Tech transfer may be one of the final stages but, it is the most crucial one for the success of any pharmaceutical company. It is a vital aspect of drug development through its many stages. TulipLab caters to tech transfer for companies around the globe.

A tech transfer is a systematic procedure with a series of complex processes that lead to the transfer of documented, proprietary knowledge, relevant analytical methods, formulated manufacturing processes and the development know-how of a drug.

Tech transfer is generally the final stage to achieve product realization. Occasionally, tech transfer is also required to evaluate or redesign a brand or a product.

A tech transfer will be the key to the final commercial success of a manufactured product.

Tech Transfer Team

From the time India attained freedom, all through our decades of industrialisation and globalisation, right up till now, India has always been termed an agricultural economy. Around 50 per cent of our population still directly depends on the agri sector. TulipLab aims to touch the lives of these people, as well as the general population, through their commitment to blend agri and tech. 

Agritech is TulipLab’s attempt to reverse India’s carbon footprint – both in farming and pharma. The significant usage of chemicals in our crops leads to adulterated food, causing higher incidents of disease.