Our Story

In these capricious times when several diseases mar the future of mankind, Tulip Lab has upheld the objective of nourishing it by advanced innovations in the pharma manufacturing industry. The foundation of Tulip Lab Private Ltd. was laid in the year 2004 with the aim of providing high quality yet affordable health and wellness solutions to people across the globe.

Tulip is an ISO 22000 certified pharmaceutical manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, India. We have developed a profile of well-curated formulations in the realms of primary care, lifestyle-related disorders, cardiology, women’s health and metabolic disorders. Our perpetual quest for healthier lives is not limited by the borders of modern medicine. We blend the advances of medical science with the benefits of nature. Though the wellness solutions developed at Tulip have their origin in the ancient medicinal system, conventional therapies also find a place, thus leading to the creation of a list of herbal products that are best means in alleviating health

Our holistic healing approach is backed by unmatched research! The constant urge to innovate has led us to develop scientific breakthroughs which eliminate diseases from the root. Our team of experts along with WHO GMP certified state-of-art pharmaceutical manufacturing ensure that all our herbal and ayurvedic products are of the highest quality. Our stringent quality control protocols ensure that products comply with international guidelines.

We shelter a talented pool of over 100 experts from the fields of product formulation, manufacturing, supply chain management, marketing and sales, who work closely with consumers to innovate and formulate products which suit consumer needs in all countries across the globe.

We operate in a number of countries through its subsidiaries, representative offices and marketing/distribution network and has a diverse customers covering institutions, major corporate hospitals and international aid agencies

Our Identity

At Tulip Lab, we strive to develop an array of effective medical formulations, which are packaged with the goodness of nature. Alike our name "Tulip", a perennial flower that comes to bloom year after year without having to be replanted, we believe in crafting sustainable solutions which benefit humankind in multiple ways.
Our Mission

Our mission is to help preserve earth's most precious resource - 'Human Life'. We endeavor to provide affordable healthcare all across the globe - "Care beyond boundaries".


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