India being an agricultural Economy, where 55% of our population is directly dependent on Agri sector. Still, farmers are not earning enough to meet their basic requirements. On the other hand, due to high usage of chemicals, end consumer is eating food with high level of chemicals present in it.

We are an Agri tech start up with a goal to improve Farmer's standard of living by handholding and guiding the best ways to increase their earnings by producing healthy crops using Organic practices.

We have active farmer network in the state of Bihar and Gujarat. Continuously growing our footprints in other states



To Improve Farmer's Standard of living by getting them the best value of the produce by using organic practices, Guidance and Market Outreach

To make Agritech a trusted partner of farmers towards their farming needs, resulting in increase in Income and also reduction in Carbon footprint by producing unadulterated output using organic practices

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