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Tulip Lab Private Ltd. is an emerging international health and wellness company in the business of manufacturing and marketing of life saving medicines, herbal products and food supplements. With emphasis on research, technology and quality, Tulip offers a range of unique products and delivery systems in various dosage forms. The company’s strength lies in manufacturing, R&D and marketing.

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With a small-scale inception in 2004, our manufacturing facility has seen a positive and promising growth. This has led to the development of a large-scale world class manufacturing facility in Pune in a span of very few years. The new manufacturing facility, of 5000 square meters, is developed in line with strict adherence to WHO GMP standards and is licensed by Food and Drugs Administration, India.

The 13 years of journey has been a learning and pleasant experience not only for us but also for our business associates. With the right amount of exposure and platform shared with our business associates, Tulip Lab has spread its wings by leaps and bounds.

Why Partner with TulipLab?

icon-labQuality products and valuable service:

On one hand where experienced and qualified professionals form the backbone of our organization; on the other we share an emotional connect with our business associates.

Our life saving medicines, herbal products and food supplements covering various therapeutic segments are manufactured with superior and world class technologies. They are well accepted in the international health and wellness segment. We have identified and developed strong internal controls that adhere to the most stringent quality control procedures.

icon-labManufacturing capabilities:

Manufacturing process is carried out in automated and semi-automated operations backed by excellent technical expertise.

It is majorly divided in two sections:

1. Allopathic section
2. Herbal section

The 5000 square meters WHO cGMP manufacturing facility has an annual production capacity per shift of:

1. Tablets (Plain, Film Coated, Sugar Coated): 500 million
2. Capsules (Hard Gelatin, Pellets and Sustained Release): 500 million
3. Powders: 5 million for 5 gm sachets

icon-labOur key focus areas consists of:

1. Approval of raw materials
2. Monitoring of manufacturing processes for in-process controls
3. Approval of finished products
4. Monitoring of stability of products as per ICH guidelines
5. Effective implementation of master validation plan
6. Documentation of technical information
7. Scheduled internal audits

icon-labOur Belief:

Our effective and long-lasting relationship with our business associates have enabled our businesses to generate revenue streams, enhance brand influence, improve communication, deliver quality products and services; thereby grow sustainably.

We offer and believe in

1. Highest level of confidentiality
2. Industrious R&D
3. Ideal formulations
4. Stringent adherence to Good Lab Practices (GLP), Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and Good Clinical Practices (GCP)
5. Superior quality products and services
6. Cost effective and sustainable solutions

With a global cause in hand, we operate in numerous countries in support with our business associates, channel partners, representative offices, effective marketing / distribution network with rapid and dependable deliveries. Our diverse and major customer profile consists of international aid agencies, corporate hospitals and

icon-labWe believe in Change and respond positively..

We are constantly in a process of discovering ideas, developing ideal formulations, assuring quality products and services and ultimately delivering values. Our manufacturing facility is equipped with the recent and technically advanced manufacturing equipment thereby maintaining the efficacy of the products, uniformly.

Our state-of-the-art R&D laboratory is developed with superior analytical equipment’s that ensures compliance with various international and national pharmacopoeia requirements.