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Tulip Lab Private Ltd. is an emerging international health and wellness company in the business of manufacturing and marketing of life saving medicines, herbal products and food supplements. With emphasis on research, technology and quality, Tulip offers a range of unique products and delivery systems in various dosage forms. The company’s strength lies in manufacturing, R&D and marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Contract Manufacturing?

In todays competitive day & age, every company wants to give their customers products that are
tailor-fit as per their needs. Besides allowing you to focus more on sales, contract manufacturing also
helps you to save costs, and take advantage of our expertise and advanced Certifications in manufacturing.

What type of contract manufacturing do we undertake?

We take contract manufacturing for both allopathic as well as herbal supplements.

Is there a minimum order Quantity(MOQ) ?

Yes. MOQ will vary as per product so please contact us for the same.

Can I ask for a product solely based on health indications ?

Yes. We are pioneers in new formulation development. We have state of the art R&D department
who can assist you with any possible formulations and new product developments.

Do I need an importers license?

Yes you may need one as per you countries import policies.

What documentation will be provided by Tuliplab at the time of shipping?

Product license, manufacturing license, Free Sales Certificate and COA (Certificate of Analysis).
In short, all relevant documents needed to ensure a safe & timely delivery shall be provided by us.

Do we need to undergo production once we get a product registered through tuliplab?

Yes, Ideally Production is needed in order to complete registration process

If I want to hold off production for a few years how do I do it?

We can help you with the same. Please contact us on b2b@tuliplab.com

How can I receive more information about the contract manufacturing process?

Please contact us on b2b@tuliplab.com for further information about contract manufacturing.