Private Labeling

Tulip is a leading pharmaceutical private labelling service provider established in Mumbai, India. We believe in translating the wealth of Indian medicinal knowledge into global health care solutions.

Private Labelling As a private label pharmaceutical manufacturer, we collaborate with several pharma and biotechnology-based companies by providing our products in the form of unlabelled packages. Latter companies can brand and market these formulations under their company name. These products are made from best quality raw materials and are developed in extremely hygienic conditions.

We provide a variety of packaging options including bulk packing, blister packing and sachet packing. Our analytic and pharmacovigilance team ensures that the medical formulations are in compliance with International guidelines and are economically viabl

Tulip Lab has a state-of-the-art facility with world-class certifications which include

All these certifications can be used to your advantage when you get your products private labeled using Tulip Lab's private labeling service.