Our Services (R&D)

building imageBacked by a conversant team of technical experts, Tulip Lab aims at providing cost effective and robust medical solutions for alleviating diseases. We have embarked upon this journey by partnering with diverse research centres across the globe and are working towards the development of novel drug systems which are effective yet affordable. We work incessantly to expand our horizon and implement latest ideas, processes and technologies to drive the wheel of innovation.

Our products are specifically tailored to meet the demands of users including primary health care, personal healthcare and cosmetic use. Our formulations are well curated and subjected to rigorous protocols prior to their release in the international markets. Tulip believes in the principle of diversity which moves beyond the boundaries of geographical locations, educational background and ethnicity. Our Research and Development department is a synergistic blend of 4 divisions including medical services, phytochemistry, analytical and formulations.

Some activities are:

  1. Research on new herbs /existing herb ingredient for better therapeutic usage, dosage form/Novel drug delivery system (NDDS).

  2. Spearheading improvements in existing formulations to meet growing regulatory demands.

  3. Stabilizing of existing dosage form based on stability studies as per international guidelines.

  4. Development of marker based standardized dosage forms.

Scientist in tulip labThe medical services quintessentially comprise of veterans specialised in the science of Ayurveda. The formulation of each medicine is crafted base on the doctors’ real time experience. This process entails elaborate literature surveys and clinical trials held in association with specialised institutions and persons. This division has formed numerous collaborations with global institutions to perform the pharmacology and toxicology assessment of the finished products.

The Phytochemistry division comprises of scientists specialised in the fields of photochemistry and pharmacognosy. This team adopts the principles of good laboratory practises (GLP) to develop processing protocols for the raw herbs. The central aim of these processing activities is to maintain the inherent healing activity of the natural extracts to its maximum limits. The division adheres to strict product quality guidelines and ensures that the raw materials are free from contamination.

experiments in tulip labThe Analytical division comprises of scientists conversant in both classical and modern analytical methods. The division develops methods both for raw materials, finished product and carries out stability studies as per ICH guidelines. Each raw material is subjected to 30 tests to assess their purity and efficacy.

Fingerprinting is also performed to ensure the presence of other requisite compounds which are further tested for various other parameters like microbial load, heavy metals, aflatoxins, process related residues and residues.

The Pharmaceutical division embodies several learned scientists who translate the efficacy of herbal ingredients to modern dosage forms with prolonged shelf life. Their efforts contribute to product compliance to international guidelines.

Tulip Lab is certified by renowned national and international institutions, including Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme (PIC/S), and have proven their mettle in adverse conditions jeopardising the health of humankind.

There are 5 services that Tulip Lab offers:

Contract Manufacturing
Research & Development
Clinical Trials
Private Labeling
New Product Development (End-to-End)