Formulation Development

TulipLab is a turnkey solution provider for pharmaceutical production. For this, formulation development forms the key step.

Tulip Lab is a World Health Organisation (WHO) GMP affirmed end-to-end solution provider. Our innovative advancements help us deliver ground-breaking medicines in a speedier, cost-effective manner.

Our formulations are based on consumer requirements. The Tulip team constantly works hard to upgrade existing formulations and conceptualise new products that would touch the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Our unique approach empowers us to quantify execution product quality, efficacy and consistency. At Tulip, the size of your consignment does not matter. It is not necessary that a product needs to go for commercial development for us to cater to you. Customers can develop only a few batches for market research, feasibility studies or clinical trials.

All pharmaceutical development, including initial research, formulation, production, quality assurance and control, clinical trials, registration and technology transfer are consolidated to create a far-reaching impact.We extend our reach from formulation to new product development, product design, contract manufacturing, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and marketing.


Our pharmaceutical research and development department that takes on formulation is a synergistic blend of 4 divisions:

Medical services

Our team consists of veterans specialized in the science of traditional and modern medicine.


This department consists of a team of cutting-edge scientists specialized in the fields of phytochemistry and pharmacognosy.

Analytical division

This team comprises of scientists conversant in both classical and modern analytical methods.

Pharmaceutical division

This is the space where the goodness of nature blends with the science of modern medicine. Our scientists translate the efficacy of herbal ingredients to modern dosage forms.